All of our online learning is available on your child's Teams account. On Teams you will find weekly planning, daily assignments and invitations to meet with Staff and attend school assemblies. Teaching staff will monitor teams and provide regular feedback. Like in the last lockdown we plan to offer meetings for children to attend virtually.

Older children should be able to access Teams themselves but younger children will require support to access Teams and complete learning activities.

Depending upon the device you are using to access Microsoft teams, you may be able to do this through your browser or you may have to download the app.

Your child will then need to logon using the following format,

Cohort Number,full

Cohort numbers:

R 21, Yr1 20, Yr2 19, Yr3 18, Yr4 17, Yr5 16, Yr6 15.

For example

Your child’s password will be their initials, so for the login above it would be jc. Apart from children in Year 1whose password format is Temp123 followed by initials e.g. Temp123jc

Once your child logs in they will the screen below. Using the top menu bar they will be able to find assignments set by their teacher and using the conversation function will be able to chat with their teacher.


Not all children follow the format above so please contact school be email if you have any difficulty logging into teams.

The school have electronic devices available to access Teams, please contact school if you would like to loan a device.

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Covid Documents

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